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About Us
> Who are we? |Thank you very much for visiting our website. We hope that we will be able to help you.

> Mauritius Office

> Japan Office

> Japan Yard

> About Us

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading Used Car Exporter from Japan & Mauritius. We have existing client from, Australia, Botswana, Cyprus, Durban,Jamaica, ,Kenya , Mongolia, Mozambique, New Zealand, Congo, Angola, Russia, Swaziland as well as Trinidad. Being one of Leading Car Exporter for both RHD & LHD used cars, Sayuri International (Mtius) Ltd has been, successfully supplying clients across Asia, Oceania and Africa with wide range of stocks. Sayuri International (Mtius) Ltd has invested in some talented people in the motor vehicle industry so our customers could rest their mind knowing they have a dedicated, highly competent and professional team to serve them better. We will appreciate if you can contact us with the list of model & year of make for the car you needed for your market. We will be able to assist you as soon as possible with our network & offices in Japan.

> Our Network and Offices

Sayuri International (Mtius) Ltd is a registered trademark by JP Sayuri International Co. Ltd. We have been incorporated in Mauritius in 2010 as a Freeport operator which means we are not involved in local sales on Mauritius Territory we Import from Japan and Re-Export to Africa and the rest of the world. We specialize in Left Hand Drive vehicles (LHD). Our main office and yard is located in Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Our office in Japan has daily access to over 12,000 vehicles through major Japanese AUction Sites. We export over 1,000 vehicles monthly around the world. We have also opened a sales office in Antananarivo catering for the needs of customers based in Madagascar.

> Why Mauritius?

The Mauritius Freeport today is the trading hub if the Eastern and Southern African region that boasts excellent infrastructure and transshipment facilities, highly qualified labour forces and offers investors extremely attractive incentives. It is the ideal warehousing, processing and distribution hub that provides access to a 425 million consumer market in the African region. Europe and Asia can also be reached cost effectively from Mauritius. Goods that can be processed withing the Freeport and re-exported to gain preferential access to FTA-Free Trade Areas, such as COMESA and SADC. The island of Mauritius is only five days away from Africa. Keeping a centralized stock in Mauritius allows a trader to deal with just-in-time deliveries. Mauritius is linked with the rest of the world by a vast network of shipping lines. The island is also connected with Europe, Asia and Africa by daily flights.

> How can we be cheaper than Japan
  • Labour cost in Mauritius is cheaper than in Japan

  • Warehousing cost in Mauritius is cheaper than in Japan

  • Lower administrative operating cost compared to Japan

  • We work on low profit but high volume

  • Shipment from Japan through Mauritius is cheaper than directly to your African Port.

  • Exemption from comapny tax.

  • Exemption of all custom duties on all goods imported into the Freeport Zones.

  • Reduced port handling charges for all goods destined to re-export.

  • We maintain a low overhead and pass the difference to you, thus we always have the cheapest price on market.