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Sayuri International (Mtius)

JP Sayuri International Co. Ltd

Suite 212, Trade Marketing Centre

Freeport Zone 6

Port Louis Harbour

Republic of Mauritius

Indian Ocean

 > By Phone
Telephone: +230 252 20 22
Fax: +230 418 18 82
Sales: +230 254 05 64 
Support: +230 252 20 22 

 > By Internet
Email: info@africausedcar.com
Skype: africausedcar
Facebook: www.facebook.com/africausedcar

 > Where can you verify our authenticity?

Our Company Incorporation Number is: C06062492

Our Business Registration Number is: C06062492

Our Freeport Certificate Number is: C06062492

You can contact the Board of Investment of Mauritius here:http://www.investmauritius.com/

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